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Manchester: Tuesday 19th March 2019

London: Wednesday 20th March 2019

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The year of cloud automation

By 2020, investment in machine learning-based tools for automation will triple, helping reduce business outages caused by IT failures.

As cloud computing continues to evolve, there is increasing pressure for technology to perform, while improving cost-efficiency and most of all, security. The majority of which is being achieved by using automation.

Cloud Automation
Cloud Data Security

What will we do with all the data?

As consumers and professionals, we are continuously creating more data.

Rich Rogers, IoT Product and Engineering at Hitachi Vantara said: "2018 will be the year that IoT technologies accelerate the transformation of industrial factories into software-defined factories." He also believes IoT will enable a phenomenon where "data centres begin to transform into fully autonomous operations."

How secure is your cloud environment?

According to Netwrix's survey, sensitive data was compromised in 42% of security incidents in the cloud, 39% of which were a result of errors made by IT employees, 33% were the fault employees and 28% were caused by external threats.

Our experts will cover the key areas of cloud security to enable you to work in partnership with your cloud hosting provider on your security strategy.

Cloud Analytics
Green, Green Cloud

The green, green cloud

As consumers and professionals, we are continuously creating more data.

Cloud providers are also able to utilise the advantages presented by their environment such as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy sources. Our experts will discuss just what it means to be green in cloud hosting in 2018 and how it impacts your business.

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It's time to get your GDPR ducks in a row

Our experts will be exploring how UK businesses can work with their cloud provider to ensure their due diligence under the GDPR pre-Brexit, and how the UK's own data protection legislation will be changing to facilitate the continued free-flow of data post-Brexit.

Cloud Clinic

Cloud clinic

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